The Sino-Indian Music Alliance (SIMA)  presents: SIMA 2014 | Module 1: Oscillate,

a compilation of contemporary electronic sounds from India and China.

Module 1

is an index of exchange between alternative currents within the Beijing and New Delhi underground electronic music scenes. Its sounds oscillate between dark, minimal beatscapes (Dead J, Beijing), digital rhythmic splices (FAR/∞, Beijing), deranged club-prophet spoken-word segues (Toymob, New Delhi), subtly sinister dancefloor sirens (Audio Pervert, New Delhi), and lush electro-acoustic spaceways (Hashback Hashish, New Delhi; iimmune, Beijing).

Module 1

Oscillate is the first physical release by the Sino-Indian Music Alliance (SIMA), a new coalition of artists, labels, and promoters united in the goal of building cultural and economic bridges between Asia's two most rapidly developing countries. The eight-track CD compilation was initiated by Sinotronics (record label, Beijing) and Audio Pervert (artist, New Delhi) and realized with the support and roster of New Delhi's REProduce Artists.

Module 1

is a crucial landmark for SIMA, a unique document of sub-cultural interaction and exchange along the lines of electronic music production India and China. SIMA began with the invitation of New Delhi duo Teddy Boy Kill to perform at the 2013 Dong Dong Festival in Beijing. In Spring 2014, Sinotronics curated a four-city China tour for Hashback Hashish, introducing him to the work of some Beijing's most progressive and influential electronic musicians: Dead J, FAR/∞, iimmune, Nara, JFI.

Module 1

captures this interaction through a process of literal exchange: mutual remixes between Hashback Hashish and iimmune. It touches on SIMA's previous landmarks (Teddy Boy Kill's individual members, Audio Pervert and Toymob, are both featured on the compilation) and looks forward to next moves: Hashback Hashish's November 2014 return to China, Sinotronics' presence at Indiearth Xchange (Chennai) and Magnetic Fields Festival (Delhi/Rajasthan) in December 2014, and increased movement of innovative artists, producers, promoters, and productions in both directions for 2015.

Further info:

Design by Markus m schneider of Metroshapes, Beijing

Mastering by Raphaël Valensi, Shanghai


Audio Pervert (blog):